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Ready to move your business forward with confidence & clarity?

Get my 4-step framework with the strategies and tools that will help you build a clear path forward to get started teaching online and grow your business.


Who am I and how can I help you get started teaching online?

I’m Annemarie. I love helping creative teachers find clarity in the chaos and confusion of running an online business.

Since starting my own company, Speak Confident English, I’ve had the opportunity to help fellow teachers, course designers, consultants, and coaches get clear on:

  • who they want to work with
  • how to connect to their audience
  • how to get started teaching online
  • what to offer & how to provide value

And ultimately grow their business.

What I do well is help others cut through the clutter of ideas and uncertainty that come with entrepreneurship, content creation, marketing, and growth.

I’d love to help you too.

Get clarity on your path forward by downloading my 4-step framework.

Bonus: it’s free.